Leilani Munter NASCAR

Midwest Energy News: Racing pro is head of the pack in race to shift carbon culture

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By Kari Lydersen; Original story here The air smells of burning rubber, and the sound of roaring engines is deafening. Homages to petroleum are everywhere: rows of semi-trucks and trailers, stacks of thick smooth tires and the stars of the show – bright sleek race cars emblazoned with the names of sponsors like Rope, Soap… Read more »

Jason Silva: Shots of Awe

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Shots of Awe. Beautifully said by @jasonsilva It’s time to imagine the possibilities and open ourselves up past the doom and gloom. “We need to make a cognitive leap… we have to realize that this is already possible now”. Thank you, Jason, for your inspirational words that point to the potential of an awesome future… Read more »