NY EDA Confronts Cuomo’s Energy Czar on Equitable Policies

in New York

Grantee New York Energy Democracy Alliance came to a summit in New York to protest the way the state’s “Reforming Energy Vision” projects are being implemented. Criticizing the state energy czar for his ties to Goldman Sachs and investments in the company building the Dakota Access pipeline and ExxonMobil, the group advocated for affordable, equitable… Read more »

Is This New Type Of Renewable Energy More Stable Than Wind Or Solar?

in Science

A new paper in the journal Nature Communications suggests that if we were able to harness water evaporation at commercial scale, we could generate power on par with wind or solar. Ozgur Sahin’s paper presents a model that estimates harnessing the “evaporation energy” of small lakes in the US could theoretically provide the same amount of power as almost… Read more »