In 2017, The Solutions Project provided $1.4 million in grants to over 50 organizations across the country. This funding reflects three years of growth in our grantmaking strategy from the initial few grants in 2015.

This most recent round of grants reflects our second docket of Leadership Fund grants to the American South, as well as a first round of c4 investments to support equitable clean energy lobbying and advocacy activities through our Ecosystem Fund.

Solutions Project is honored to play a role in supporting our grantee partners. Together, we are advancing a shared vision of 100% clean energy for all.


Leadership Fund Grants

$50,000 to support coordination of clean energy and equity policy in California.

$30,000 to support rural and agricultural community engagement on energy equity, clean energy adoption and community solar through the RenewableNY program, and leadership in the Energy Democracy Alliance and NY Renews.

$40,000 to support grassroots organizing and advocacy for selection of Inland Valley region as the third geographic location for the Transformative Climate Communities Program.

$35,000 to support leadership in the Miami Climate Alliance and and coalition work in South Florida to drive clean energy and a Just Transition.

$30,000 to support a climate justice and Just Transition agenda through engagement in Community Choice Aggregation and the Transformative Climate Communities Program in Fresno, Kern, Merced, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties.

$130,000 over two years in programmatic support for movement building, engagement in rural communities, and development of a Climate Justice Project to advance 100% clean renewable energy.

$45,000 to advance clean energy policy that benefits low-income and frontline communities in Iowa.

$40,000 to support organizing and advocacy of the Transformative Climate Communities Program to benefit residents in the San Joaquin and Eastern Coachella Valleys.

$40,000 to support network capacity and structure, advance organizing of the ecosystem of frontline organizations, and promote climate justice and clean energy solutions in South Florida.

$50,000 to support leadership in climate justice and energy equity leadership in South Carolina and to advance a community shared solar project for low-income households in Florence and Dillon Counties.

$125,000 to support coalition-building and resourcing of New York ecosystem organizations, advance energy democracy and equity, and support community solar development initiatives in the state.

$35,000 to support leadership in the NY Renews coalition, pilot community solar projects and the REVitalize Initiative.

$25,000 in programmatic support for their efforts related to NY Renews, including leadership development and Just Transition in Buffalo.

$50,000 to support capacity building and advance energy equity in Atlanta and the region, as part of a two-year $150,000 grant.

$30,000 to support leadership in NY Renews, development of a community solar project through the REVitalize Initiative, and advancement of the Hunts Point Resiliency Project.

$40,000 to support leadership development efforts for youth of color and LGBTQIA and to advance a Just transition in the Appalachian region.

$40,000 to support organizing in the Los Angeles metro area and to advance planning and guidance of the Transformative Climate Communities Program.

$25,000 to support farmworker engagement and advocacy on climate justice through existing state coalitions.

$30,000 over two years to support equitable clean energy adoption and implementation in northeast Iowa, and advancement of the energy district model statewide.

$35,000 to support climate justice and Just Transition work in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, including continued development of the REVitalize Initiative and related demonstration projects and leadership in the NY Renews coalition.


Ecosystem Fund Grants

$50,000 to advance environmental justice, 100% renewable energy and economic justice policies in California.

$50,000 to advance a Just Transition policy Kentucky.

$20,000 to support policy opportunities through NY Renews and advance the 100% Buffalo campaign.

$30,000 to advance the 100% Buffalo Campaign and support of policy opportunities through NY Renews, in cooperation with its national affiliate.


To learn more about The Solutions Project’s grantmaking work, our Leadership + Ecosystem Funds, and our rapid-response Fighter Fund grants, please visit our Grants page.