December 18, 2019

Oakland, Calif. – As part of its 100% Commitment to Justice, The Solutions Project is awarding $622,000 in Fighter Fund grants to dozens of grassroots organizations and coalitions led by women and people of color. The Fighter Fund grant program funds groups that are advancing climate solutions and a just transition to 100% clean energy for all people.

The Fighter Fund grants will go to:

  • Advancing Equity & Opportunity Collaborative (GA)
  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network Action (CA)
  • Atlanta Jobs with Justice (GA)
  • California Environmental Justice Alliance (CA)
  • Catalyst Miami (FL)
  • Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CA)
  • City of La Grange Housing Authority (GA)
  • Communities for a Better Environment (CA)
  • Destination Design School of Agricultural Estates (GA)
  • Faith in the Valley (CA)
  • Georgia Interfaith Power & Light
  • Georgia WAND
  • Greening Youth Foundation (GA)
  • Groundswell (DC/GA)
  • Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (LA)
  • Gulf South Rising Community Controlled Fund (LA)
  • Hijra House (MS)
  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
  • La Maraña (Puerto Rico)
  • Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability (CA)
  • Miami Climate Alliance (FL)
  • Million Hoodies Movement for Justice (CA)
  • Native Renewables (CA)
  • New Alpha Community Development Corporation (SC)
  • New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
  • New York Energy Democracy Alliance
  • North Montgomery Citizens United for Prosperity (MS)
  • Partnership for Southern Equity (GA)
  • PUSH Buffalo (NY)
  • SCOPE Agenda Action (CA)
  • Solstice (MA)
  • Southeast Climate & Energy Network (FL)
  • Stay Together Appalachian Youth (TN)
  • The CLEO Institute (FL)
  • Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation (SD)
  • United Farm Workers Foundation (CA)
  • We Own It (national)
  • Winneshiek Energy District (IA)
  • Zero Hour (national)

“These groups – mostly led by women of color – work in communities that are disproportionately impacted by pollution and the climate crisis. They know what needs to happen to move to 100% clean energy locally and nationally, and they are getting it done,” said The Solutions Project Director of Investments Rudi Navarra. “It is inspiring to see them in action. Their work has the potential to benefit all of us, and we are proud to support them.”

To help address the extreme racial and gender inequities in climate philanthropy, The Solutions Project has made a 100% Commitment to Justice pledge to devote 95% of its funding resources to groups led by people of color, with at least 80% of those groups led by women. Currently, almost all U.S. philanthropic dollars go to organizations led by white people, and white men in particular. The Solutions Project’s latest round of grants represents another step toward addressing that funding gap.

The Fighter Fund grantees were also chosen in part for their commitment to feminine leadership. The Solutions Project holds the philosophy that feminine leadership – which prioritizes collaboration over competition, and bottom-up decision-making over top-down decision-making – is required to solve the climate crisis. Earlier this year, The Solutions Project board members and award-winning actors Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle published an op-ed in The Hill elaborating on this view.

The Solutions Project launched the Fighter Fund in 2016. Mark Ruffalo came up with the name for the program. It recognizes that Fighter Fund grant recipients are leaders in the fight against climate change in their communities.

The Solutions Project is calling on others in the philanthropic community to support its 100% Commitment to Justice and to promote feminine leadership on climate change.

“Our message to our fellow funders is this: If you’re serious about solving climate change and promoting a fair and just transition to 100% clean energy, join us in supporting women of color and groups that embrace feminine leadership,” said Northeastern University Professor Shalanda Baker, who now serves as The Solutions Project’s new board chair. “They have the solutions that are changing the world, but they’re grossly underfunded. Together, we can change that.”

The Nathan Cummings Foundation President and CEO Sharon Alpert joined the board of The Solutions Project earlier this year in order to support its 100% Commitment to Justice and promote feminine leadership on climate change.

Additionally, The Solutions Project and the Movement Strategy Center have awarded $72,000 in Fighter League pilot program grants to Mary Gutierrez and Jayeesha Dutta from Another Gulf is Possible; Kathy Egland and Yolanda Edwards from EEECHO (Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization); and Valencia Gunder and Bette Billiot from Gulf South Rising.

Media contact: Carina Daniels

The Solutions Project is a national advocacy and grantmaking organization that promotes climate justice and 100% clean energy for all people.