July 27, 2016

Core to The Solutions Project’s mission to achieve 100% renewable energy for 100% of the people, we award grants to community and frontline organizations to meet this broader goal. The Fighter Fund, coined by our founder Mark Ruffalo, is designed to make small rapid response grants at key movement moments for communities throughout the United States and Canada–grants averaging $5,000 dollars each.
We are asking you to join others in spreading the word about the Fighter Fund by sharing this post with colleagues and partners, in your community, especially to those equity advocates and leaders that work to empower and mobilize frontline and grassroots communities.


To successfully partner with The Solutions Project, applicants must strategically advance any of the following opportunities:
  • Movement moments that support a transition to 100% clean energy, or keeping it in the ground;
  • Using the investment as a leverage for additional resources to advance a local, regional, or national strategy for 100% clean energy;
  • Earned media or new media that builds public will and cultural power for the energy transition;
  • Movement-building actions such as convenings, coalition and base-building, polling, communications, capacity-building, trainings or similar tactics.
The Solutions Project is currently looking for new applicants. To apply for a Solutions Project Fighter Fund grant, please visit click this link.