May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, which is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the culture, history, and lasting impact Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have created in the United States. All year long The Solutions Project partners and supports the AAPI leaders in the climate justice space who are creating the future we all want.

With #AAPIClimateWeek, we are taking this as an opportunity to amplify and uplift Asian American and Pacific Islanders visionary frontline solutionaries.  We will highlight and focus on the innovative climate solutions and environmental justice work that our AAPI brothers and sisters have been leading for decades.

We will be highlighting individuals all week long, from May 24 – May 30, including solutionaries like Grace Lee Boggs, Pam Tau Lee, and Jacqueline Thanh.

Honoree Grace Lee Boggs

Why is this important?

Asian American communities have largely been left out of the environmental justice Conversation, with less than 1 percent of philanthropic dollars goes to funding AAPI causes.

At a time when the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities are facing a heightened wave of discrimination and violence and, like other communities of color, are suffering disproportionately from the health and economic impacts of poverty, climate change, the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, that’s not enough.

That is why we must call attention to the many AAPI organizers, activists, scientists and more who are advancing climate solutions and demanding justice for communities most impacted in the US and around the world.



A group of Asian American and Pacific Islanders working together