November 30, 2017

The League of Women Voters of Citrus County seeks to switch on local awareness about the benefits of solar energy.

To that end, the organization is promoting the establishment of a cooperative of homeowners; a concept that’s taken hold in Florida metro areas and is expanding.

The League of Women Voters (LWV) has joined forces with the Community Power Network to establish the Solar United Neighbors (SUN) of Florida. SUN is a nonprofit program designed to educate people about solar energy and how participation in a co-op can cut costs through competitive bidding and bulk buying. That alone can cut the cost of buying a solar system by 10-20 percent, according to LWV.

Under the program, SUN takes competitive bids from local solar installation companies. Then, a selection committee chooses the company deemed best suited for the work. After that, co-op members get individualized proposals from the installation company, which includes a group-discount rate.

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