April 4, 2018

Good renewable energy news comes in all sizes, from the climate change-themed emoji that fit in your pocket all the way up to the 2020 Olympics!

Replacing a Polluting Plant in Oakland with Clean Energy

California regulators have approved the Oakland Clean Energy Initiative (OCEI), utility Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) plan to replace Oakland’s jet fuel powered Dynegy electric plant with clean energy. The Dynegy plant is located beside communities that experience some of the state’s worst pollution. PG&E plans to replace its contribution to the grid with distributed resources like rooftop solar panels and energy efficiency improvements, creating jobs and improving health outcomes for Oaklanders.

To support statewide policies and a movement for environmental justice in California, check out the California Environmental Justice Alliance.

Climate change emojis could help save the planet

An NYU instructor and her former student have created a sticker pack of “climojis” — emoji that highlight the dangers and consequences of climate change. Creators Viniyata Pany and Marina Zurkow wanted to tackle the idea that people are too ashamed or distressed to talk about climate change, using the emoji to try to “spark everyday conversations.” Launched in October, the set of 27 emoji have been downloaded by more than 8,000 people.

UPROSE uses honest conversations to organize around climate justice in New York City. Check them out.

Next Winter Olympics could be powered by renewable energy

In 2022, we could see an Olympics substantially powered by renewable energy. The International Renewable Energy Agency is working with co-host Chinese city Zhangjiakou to develop a roadmap for the city to transition to 50% renewable energy by 2020. The roadmap will prioritize powering all Olympic facilities with clean energy.

As China moves closer to renewable energy, investment in justice for people in low-income communities throughout the US becomes more important. To learn more, check out Neighborhood Funders Group.