July 16, 2018

French sailors, U.S. financiers, and Concord, New Hampshire are on the same path: full speed ahead to 100% clean energy!

Top Renewable Energy Financiers Reveal Pathway To $1 Trillion In U.S. Investment

Spurred by wind and solar sector growth, investment in America’s renewable energy industry continues to grow. A new financial sector survey shows strong confidence that U.S. renewable energy projects will continue to increase in attractiveness compared to other investment portfolio asset classes, and cumulative U.S. private investment in renewable energy could reach up to $1 trillion between 2018 and 2030.

As renewable energy grows, support efforts to defend the right to own renewable  energy projects on fair terms: visit Winneshiek Energy District to learn more.

Concord Commits to Renewable Energy Goal, Cites Climate Change Threat

Concord, New Hampshire’s city council unanimously passed a non-binding resolution to transition to work toward 100% renewable energy sources in the coming decade. The new goal includes public works, homes and businesses, and covers heat and transportation, as well as electricity.

Renewable energy is supporting the preservation of watersheds and natural heritage across the Northeast. Visit  Catskill Mountainkeeper to learn about these efforts in New York.

The Funky Boat Circling the Planet on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen

Victorien Erussard, an experienced French ocean racer, and his teammate Jérôme Delafosse, are planning to sail around the planet without using any fossil fuels. Instead, they’ll make the fuel they need from sea water, the wind, and the sun. Their boat, the “The Energy Observer”,  is a catamaran covered in solar panels on almost every horizontal surface with the rear flanked by wind turbines.

As the world’s cities make renewable energy pledges, help ensure the US keeps up. The CLEO Institute aims to inform and engage their south Florida communities about climate action. Learn more here.