June 26, 2018

News from London to Tokyo and everywhere in between shows that clean energy is taking over the world.


The City of London Will Be Powered By 100% Renewable Energy Starting in October

The City of London  has announced a plan to use 100% renewable energy for all government-owned buildings including government housing. By investing in clean power projects, installing solar, and buying clean energy, the City of London Corporation will make the renewable energy switch final by this October.

As more governments around the world get behind solar energy, help ensure new US solar projects support the communities they’re built in. Visit Solar United Neighbors to learn more.


2020 Tokyo Games to be fully powered by renewable energy, organizers say

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Committee has announced that the games will be fully powered by renewable energy. This “unprecedented” policy extends to competition arenas, the press and broadcast centers, and even the Olympic village. The announcement follows 2022 Olympic co-host Chinese city Zhangjiakou’s announcement of plans to power its games with about 50% renewable energy.

As renewable energy investment grows, the US needs more commitment to environmental justice for people in low-income communities. To learn more, check out Neighborhood Funders Group.


Renewable Energy On Track To Power Half Of The World’s Electricity By 2050

According to new analysis by Bloomberg economists, renewable energy will power half of the world by 2050. It anticipates that global electricity production will shift from from ⅔ fossil fuels to  ⅔ renewable energy by the middle of the century, as the falling costs of battery storage supports renewable energy eclipsing coal.

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice focuses how pollution affects the most vulnerable. Learn more about their work on social change and justice here.