January 22, 2018

Renewable energy is shining this week, with great news about solar energy and global investments.

Global Clean Energy Investments Are Near An All-Time High

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, global clean energy investments reached $333.5B last year, the second highest ever. The 5% boost over last year’s numbers is due primarily to increased investment from China. It’s even more remarkable that we’ve almost matched 2015’s record-high numbers, because the cost of renewable energy keeps going down.

To support investment in social and climate justice for people in low and moderate income communities throughout the US, check out Neighborhood Funders Group.

The NAACP is bringing renewable energy to communities of color

The NAACP’s newly launched Solar Equity Initiative, a civil rights-oriented economic and environmental justice effort,  will work to install solar panels on 20 households and 10 community centers across the US. The initiative will also  train 100 people in solar job skills, and push for equitable solar access policies in at least five states.

Learn more about the initiative at the NAACP.

Chernobyl Is Being Transformed Into a Huge Renewable Energy Farm

On the site of one of the most infamous nuclear disasters in history, Ukrainian-German company Solar Chernobyl transformed  the abandoned land into one of Ukraine’s first solar plants. With 3,800 panels, the plant will initially provide renewable energy to nearby residents but plans to scale up quickly.

To support solar energy projects powering the communities they’re built in, visit Solar United Neighbors.


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