February 12, 2018

This week’s Good News: initiatives in Texas and Massachusetts move toward 100% renewable energy, while women’s leadership advances the cause of climate justice.


Texas City Adopts 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Denton, Texas “voted to revise the city’s Renewable Denton Plan, which now includes a goal of contracting with solar and wind developers to meet 100% of the city’s electricity needs as early as 2020,” making it the 58th city to do so. Notably, Denton is represented in state and national government entirely by republicans.

To support strategic coordination among organizations in the southeastern US to secure fair, just, and science-based climate and energy policies, check out Southeast Climate & Energy Network (SCEN).


Massachusetts To Meet Clean Energy Goals With Transmission Line

As part of Massachusetts’s statewide plan to up its consumption of renewable energy, it is in deliberations over whether to construct Northern Pass, an above-ground power transmission line, or the New England Clean Power Link, a below-ground line, to bring renewable energy from Canada to Massachusetts and other areas in New England.

To connect energy investment to outcomes for people in low- and moderate-income communities throughout the US, check out Neighborhood Funders Group.


Women’s Marches Supercharge Climate Change Leadership

The 2018 women’s marches brought together leaders from many sectors pushing for social change, including a unique group of women leaders, CEOs, and innovators working on climate and energy issues. Strengthened by these marches, activist groups such as Women for Climate Justice are resisting Trump administration climate policies, drawing attention to the climate-fueled gender agriculture gap, and advocating for a just transition to renewable energy.

Check out Solutions Project grantee APEN for a great example of women leadership in the renewable energy movement. Led by activist Miya Yoshitani, APEN is creating a healthy environment where communities can live, work, learn, play, and thrive.