February 19, 2018

Renewable energy is fueling big change, from decarbonization in the power sector to policy shake-ups in Arizona and Massachusetts.

Clean Energy – Not Natural Gas – Drove Decarbonization In 2017

In 2017, power sector carbon emissions declined 4.2%, according to the 2018 Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) Factbook. Importantly, “last year was the first time the reduction in power sector emissions can be attributed more to energy conservation and renewable energy than switching from coal to natural gas.”

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Arizona Renewable Energy Amendment Could Be on the Ballot

In Arizona, activists are leading an effort to amend the state constitution to mandate that electricity providers source at least 50% of their power from renewable energy.. The Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Committee in charge of the amendment has drafted its initial text, and Arizonans could vote on the measure as soon as this year.

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Mass. Senators Offer Plan To Accelerate Clean Energy Growth

Massachusetts Senators have come out with an omnibus bill on clean energy.  It would “accelerate the state’s transition to renewable energy,” setting new targets for emission reductions, reducing fossil fuel consumption and, most importantly, banning new natural gas infrastructure. Although the bill is predicted to be met with opposition from energy lobbyists and state House members, it enjoyed bipartisan support in committee.

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