February 27, 2018

Rev. Kate McGregor Mosley, Executive Director of Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, one of three women recently honored by our ATL100 campaign, spoke with Southeast Energy News.

What inspired you to lead Georgia Interfaith Power & Light?

When I completed my theology degree, I never realized that environmental ministry was a vocational path. The more I studied biblical texts and engaged with Christian ethics, I realized there was a greater need to engage and shape a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship.

What messages are resonating with congregations?

Saving energy through efficiencies and conservation measures also saves a great deal of money. That’s money that can fund programs and ministries that faith communities feel called to offer the wider community. And all the world’s major religions have something to say about caring for this Earth and practicing stewardship. We see the destruction we humans are causing the planet.


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