September 5, 2019

Sharon L. Alpert was chosen for her commitment to addressing the race and gender disparities in climate and clean energy funding.

Oakland, Calif. – Leading environmental and social justice funder Sharon L. Alpert is joining the board of The Solutions Project, a national advocacy and grantmaking organization that promotes 100% clean energy for all people. Alpert will help advance the organization’s 100% Commitment to Justice, a groundbreaking pledge to fund frontline climate groups led by women and people of color.

“Solving the climate crisis requires a diverse and inclusive movement that puts frontline communities first, not last,” said Alpert. “I’m thrilled to be joining an organization that shares NCF’s commitment to a clean and inclusive energy future.”

Alpert is the first woman to lead the Nathan Cummings Foundation, which works to create a more just, vibrant, sustainable, and democratic society, with a focus on climate change and inequality.

“Under Sharon Alpert’s inspirational leadership, the Nathan Cummings Foundation is prioritizing work led by people of color and women of color in particular,” said Solutions Project Board Chair Billy Parish. “That strategy aligns with The Solutions Project’s 100% Commitment to Justice pledge, and we look forward to learning from her experience.”

Alpert has served as the president and CEO of the Nathan Cummings Foundation since November 2015 and has more than 20 years of experience supporting environmental justice and social justice movements.

“We are thrilled that Sharon is joining our board. Her expertise and leadership acumen will be incredible assets to our organization,” said Solutions Project Executive Director Sarah Shanley Hope. “It reflects our philosophy that feminine leadership is key to addressing climate change. Feminine leadership is about prioritizing collaboration over competition, and bottom-up decision-making over top-down decision-making.”

Board members Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle published an op-ed in The Hill endorsing the feminine leadership model. Ruffalo co-founded The Solutions Project in 2014.

Other Solutions Project board members include Shalanda Baker, Jamie Dean, George Goehl, Leah Hunt-Hendrix, Brandon Hurlbut, Jee Kim, Favianna Rodriguez, Gloria Walton, and Justin Winters.

Media Contact: Carina Daniels