April 7, 2018

Mark Ruffalo nominated Nathaniel Smith, Founder of Partnership for Southern Equity, for the Grist 50: the “fixers,” the people who cooking up the boldest, most ambitious solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges.


I know Nathaniel through our work at the Solutions Project. We made an investment in Nathaniel’s work at the Partnership for Southern Equity, which is advancing a new agenda for shared prosperity, justice, and inclusion in the South.

He’s sparked a new kind of discussion around equity and environmental justice in Atlanta that’s made an imprint on the city. He’s done that through PSE and its programs, but it’s also how he sees the intersections at the local level. He’s a real weaver.

What’s incredible about Nathaniel is that he has this ability to not just talk to, but connect with, all kinds of people. He can talk to people who look like him and who don’t, with people who have his life experience and who don’t. It’s really rare.

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