January 28, 2015

REV Hearings Provide Critical Opportunity to Make Your Voice Heard

By: Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director of The Solutions Project

This is a pivotal moment for New Yorkers to stand up for a clean energy future. And since our new poll shows the vast majority of New York voters support renewable energy, we urge you to speak up loud and clear.

In hearings across the state, officials are gathering public input on Reforming the Energy Vision, also known as REV. This is Gov. Cuomo’s plan to move from a century-old energy system that relies on dirty, centralized power plants to a new model incorporating clean, renewable energy that gives people more control over the energy they use – and even gives them the chance to generate their own clean power.

Together with Here Now, a new accelerator for climate mobilization, we asked Clarity Campaign Labs to find out more about New Yorkers’ opinions on renewable energy and other issues central to the REV process. Pollsters spoke to 1,000 voters earlier this month.

Among the things they found out:

  • 77% of New York voters think the government should do more to support renewable energy. This included a large majority of New Yorkers from every demographic group – men and women, rich and working class, Republican and Democrat – living all across the state
  • 10% of New Yorkers are already using renewable energy in their private lives. Another 60% would like to.

Our poll found New Yorkers are most interested in renewables because they cut air pollution and make our communities healthier. They also like the idea of enhancing energy security by boosting homegrown energy production. They see renewable energy as a way to grow the economy and create jobs that can’t be outsourced. And they figure diversifying our energy mix by adding renewables is simply smart: having a variety of energy sources to choose from will help keep energy prices in check.

New Yorkers want to see more solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal wells powering communities across the state. They want families, businesses, and institutions like schools and churches to have the freedom to generate their own clean energy.

If the REV process takes the people of New York seriously, it has the potential to democratize energy in New York. Energy democracy means giving all us the chance to work with neighbors and the local businesses and institutions we know and trust to usher in a clean energy future. And that will make life safer, healthier, and more secure for generations to come.

New Yorkers understand the power and the promise of clean energy, with a strong majority saying they believe the world can transition to a 100% renewable energy future. A strong REV can help New York lead the way. Let’s get it done!