Who We Are

https://thesolutionsproject.org/ and http://www.100.org/ are owned and operated by the Solutions Project Inc. located at 4096 Piedmont Avenue, #728, Oakland, CA 94611. The 100% Campaign is a campaign of the Solutions Project.  https://thesolutionsproject.org/ and http://www.100.org/ are referred to collectively as the Websites. The Solutions Project and the 100% Campaign are sometimes referred to as “we” “us” or “ours.”

What We Offer

The Websites provide information, resources and the opportunity to make donations to the projects supported on the Websites and to the overall mission of the Solutions Project.

Who You Are

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(a)        We reserve the right to change these terms at any time. The new terms will be posted here with the date of the most recent update.

(b)       We reserve the right to change the functionality of the Websites. We do not guarantee that the Websites will function without interruption or as intended.

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