November 26, 2018

From Portland, to Albuquerque, to the halls of Congress, leaders are creating bold plans and funds $$$ to build our clean energy future.

Portlanders Pass Measure To Create Clean Energy Fund

Residents of Portland, Oregon passed the first-ever clean energy fund for climate justice in the nation this past midterm election cycle. The fund will be sourced from a 1% a tax on large businesses – such as big-box retailers, Comcast, and banks – and will fund clean energy projects and job training programs to meet the city’s clean energy goals.

To support investment in social and climate justice for people in low-income communities,  check out Neighborhood Funders Group.

Keller: 100% renewable energy goal in sight

Albuquerque, New Mexico is making moves to run on 100%renewable energy within four years, by 2022. Mayor Tim Keller on Wednesday announced a plan that includes launching a city green team, raising energy efficiency standards for city buildings, and a new partnership with Public Service Company of New Mexico to build a solar plant that will power city-owned facilities.

New Mexico is home to one of the nation’s largest Native American populations. To   support bringing an indigenous perspective to funding and activism, check out Native Americans in Philanthropy.

What’s the ‘Green New Deal’ and why do environmentalists want it

A growing contingent of congressional Democrats are pushing for a Green New Deal. The proposal calls for a new House select committee to draft broad legislation that would make the United States carbon-neutral, 100% powered by clean energy, and remove greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere and oceans. The Green New Deal’s vast scale is similar to its namesake:  President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal economic program to pull the US out of the Great Depression.

Even as the US embraces clean energy,  fossil fuel plants are still polluting communities     across the nation. Learn more about how Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice is working to end this pollution.