October 29, 2018

As Gainesville, Florida & Puerto Rico move toward 100% clean energy, the Cleanie awards launched last week to honor renewable energy innovators!  

The Cleanie Awards Honors Innovators and Changemakers in Clean, Renewable Energy

In its inaugural year, The Cleanie Awards last week honored 10 companies and industry leaders in the clean technology sector. In the first comprehensive awards program exclusive to the cleantech industry, winners are honored for their innovation, leadership and outreach campaigns that promote clean technology, renewable energy and solar, wind and water power.   

Check out another organization that honors changemakers disrupting the status quo and fighting for a clean energy future: Native Americans in Philanthropy.

City commissioners aim to power Gainesville on 100 percent renewable energy

Gainesville, Florida is the latest city to commit to power all of its electricity with 100% renewable energy. At a City Commission meeting last Thursday, a resolution was unanimously passed to ensure that the city will be running 100 percent on renewable energy and resources by 2045. Gainesville joins 84 other cities and two states — California and Hawaii — who have also committed to 100%.  

To support Floridians going solar, joining together, and fighting for their energy rights, visit  Solar United Neighbors – Florida.

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico may shift to 100% renewable energy

After Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico’s power grid, causing the longest blackout in U.S. history, it ignited a new push for renewable energy– a solution that could be more resilient in future storms and avoid the emissions that are making hurricanes worse. Now, lawmakers want to make it official: Last week, the Puerto Rico House and Senate held a joint hearing to consider a bill that would transition the island to 100% renewables. The bill calls for 20% renewable electricity by 2025, 50% by 2040, and 100% by 2050. California recently passed a similar bill, with a goal of 100% renewables by 2045.

To learn more about local work building power around clean energy solutions nearby in Florida, visit  Miami Climate Alliance.