November 5, 2018

What do Atlantic City, Asia, and New York Catholics have in common? They’re all floating new clean energy plans!

Atlantic City Aims to Be Powered with Clean Energy by 2050

Last week, Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Frank Gilliam announced support for a goal to power the city entirely with clean and renewable energy by 2050. Gilliam joins a growing coalition of Mayors for 100 Percent Clean Energy, an initiative of the Sierra Club. Over 200 mayors around the US have announced support for similar goals.

To learn more about a just transition to clean energy for nearby New York, visit the New York  Energy Democracy Alliance.

Growing Exponentially, Floating Solar Opens Up New Horizons for Renewable Energy

Floating solar technologies, which use solar panels that float on the surface of bodies of water, are creating major new opportunities to scale up solar energy around the world. They’re especially popular in countries with large populations and competing uses for available land: Asia is the epicenter for this new technology’s expansion, with large floating solar plants being installed or planned in China, India and Southeast Asia. The use of floating solar has grown more than a hundred-fold in less than four years.

As countries around the world get behind solar energy, help ensure new US solar projects support the communities they’re built in. Visit Solar United Neighbors to learn more.

Archdiocese of New York Launches Renewable Energy Pilot Program

Preventing further environmental degradation has become a top priority for the Catholic Church under Pope Francis. To forward this vision, the Energy Department of the Archdiocese of New York City has partnered with New York energy service provider Con Edison to install rooftop solar panels on five churches in Yonkers and Staten Island. The 1,717 panels will collectively generate approximately 700,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, enough to supply more than half of the electricity for the parishes.

Learn about another NYC organization in Brooklyn that is working toward a just transition  away from fossil fuels at UPROSE.