August 20, 2018

New analysis shows renewable energy could be “effectively free by 2030”; It’s also saving water, creating jobs, and powering millions of homes!

Renewable Energy Could “Effectively Be Free” by 2030, Says UBS Analyst

Swiss investment bank UBS believes the cost of energy renewables could be so near to zero by 2030, it will be “effectively free.”. This report concludes that renewable power could soon be cheaper than all the alternative energy sources, and that this “is great news for the planet, and probably also for the economy.”

Even as the U.S. installs more renewable energy,  fossil fuel plants are still polluting communities across the nation.  Learn more about how Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice works to change that.

This Coal State Holds The Key To 100% Renewable Energy

Wyoming – the nation’s leading coal producing state – is on track to become the nation’s leading wind exporter. The state is set to play a critical role in the 100% renewable energy plans of the City of Fort Collins, just across the border in Colorado. 3,000 megawatts of wind energy are currently under construction, most of which will be exported to support cities in Colorado and nearby states in reaching their renewable energy targets.

While more renewable energy is being developed to export out of state,  there are strong efforts to keep it local too. Support solar projects powering the communities they’re  built in. Visit Solar United Neighbors to learn more.

Renewable Energy Saves Water and Creates Jobs

Scientific American has released amazingly detailed data and interactive graphics that tell a mind-blowing story: Beyond reducing carbon emissions, switching to renewable energy can help the world conserve water for personal use, sanitation and food production, and help improve living standards with good jobs.

Clean energy advocates across the country see the indelible link between climate change and water. To learn more about the fight for clean water in Iowa visit Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.