October 22, 2018

A new report finds that the tipping point for renewable energy’s dominance is 2035. See how the former Irish president and solar-workers in the Nevada are pushing us closer!

Mary Robinson: The former Irish president fighting for climate justice

Former Irish president and UN Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson has made climate justice a top priority. In her new book ‘Climate Justice’, she tells the stories of individuals, groups, and small nations across the world who are leading the fight for climate justice. She channels her efforts through the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, which aims “to secure global justice for those people vulnerable to the impacts of climate change”

In the spirit of Mary’s vision for climate justice, the California Environmental Justice Alliance is working to empower communities in California most vulnerable to air pollution to create comprehensive opportunities for change.

Renewable Energy Systems starts 60-MW Nevada solar project, creates 100+ jobs locally

Northern Nevada’s largest solar project, The Turquoise Solar Project in Reno, has created over 100 jobs for local Nevada residents. The workers are 80% local and 20% veterans. Once fully operational, the project will generate enough energy to power 10,000 homes annually.

To support solar energy projects powering the communities they’re built in, visit Solar United Neighbors.

2035: The renewable energy tipping point

A new report from global energy research firm Wood Mackenzie posits that 2035 will mark the “point of singularity”, when the world moves away from oil and gas to enter the age of renewables. After 2035, the world can expected to see the adoption rates for both renewables and electrified transport “rapidly” increasing, “becoming the default choice across many energy systems around the world.”

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