We’ve expanded our vision beyond energy.

Our focus evolved from 100% clean energy for all, to a more ambitious, more impactful vision of creating solutions to the climate crisis — by and for 100% of people. We invest in and amplify solutions created at the frontlines of the climate crisis. And we use culture as a tool to get people to pay attention, see what’s working, and join in.

Our leadership is also changing to reflect our new way forward.

The Solutions Project was started by four white men with a bold vision. Over seven years, we’ve grown and  transitioned our team to be mostly women and leaders of color.

We know that the people closest to the problems are the ones with the solutions.

We’re listening. We’re putting our money where our mouth is. We’re following their lead. And we invite everyone to join in. Women, Black people, Indigenous communities, people of color, all the rest of us — join us. Let’s create the future we want.

Our new brand reflects these changes.

It’s bold and bright —  like our future when we all work together. And it reflects the hands-on nature of our work. Let us know how you like it, and any thoughts you may have on our way forward. Most importantly, get involved.


We want to hear from you

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