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The Solutions Project accelerates the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all people and purposes. To achieve this mission, we engage the public, celebrate and convene leaders, and advance collaborative campaigns that provide consumers, voters, and large-scale decision-makers with the choice to make strides on the road to 100%. We implement this integrated model at the state level. To maintain our national reach, we develop inspired content, amplify stories and media, and create opportunities to celebrate and activate leadership across the country.


We share stories from communities, businesses and regions across the country that inspire and show the practical paths to clean, renewable energy.

Through media, events and learning resources, you can see that 100% is possible. You can experience the benefits, reliability and access points for all Americans.


A 100% transition is happening in communities, companies and regions across the country because innovators and early adopters are stepping up.

We honor those leaders with media, awards and support to increase their success. You can cheer on others or feel the spotlight. Just imagine when all of us give 100%.


Our journeys to 100% have just begun. While each day more households, companies, organizations and states step forward, we have a ways to go.

We work collaboratively to push 100% campaigns that raise the bar, increase the pace and scale of change, and ensure all communities benefit from healthy, affordable and stable energy.

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The Solutions Project

100% Clean,
Renewable Energy.
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About Us


Board of Directors


Marco Krapels

Senior Vice President at Solar City and co-founder of Empowered By Light


Mark Jacobson

Director of the Atmosphere and Energy Program, Stanford University


Mark Ruffalo

Oscar-nominated actor and renewable energy advocate and founder of Water Defense


Josh Fox

Filmmaker and Founder/Artistic Director of International WOW Company


Robert O’Connor

Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, specializing in energy and clean technology


Justin Winters

Executive Director, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation


Billy Parish

Co-Founder and President of Mosaic, a solar investment platform, and a serial social entrepreneur


Andres W. Lopez

Partner, The Law Offices of Andres W. Lopez, P.S.C.


Jamie Dean

Program Director of Climate and Energy for The 11th Hour Project


David Cogut

Pegasus Capital Advisors

Staff Leadership


Sarah Shanley Hope

Executive Director


Jon Wank

Creative Director


Meg Shaw

Executive Producer


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