Grassroots groups and alliances have been building power, shaping public opinion, and winning policy change in environmental and climate justice for decades. One big reason their success is not well resourced or celebrated is that philanthropy and the media don’t often understand how change happens from the ground-up. Without resources to tell the stories let alone measure the impact of their success, grassroots leadership in some of the climate movement’s greatest victories is too often dismissed. This collection of impact research and case studies provides a closer look at how frontline organizations are uniquely positioned and highly effective at implementing their ideas to create the future we all want.

Innovative Policy Achievements at Local, State, and Federal Levels

Just Solutions Collective Impact Analysis

The Solutions Project enlisted the Just Solutions Collective, to assess a subset of our grantees’ policy achievements and how people’s lives are improved by our grantees’ approach to policy change.

Impacts of Solution Project's Accelerated Investments

Frontline Solutions Impact Assessment

Partnering with Frontline Solutions, The Solutions Project conducted a comprehensive analysis of our grantee partners’ achievements with the scaled support of our ecosystem approach in 2021-2023.

CO2 Emissions Reductions Achieved by Frontline Organizations

PSE For Healthy Energy CO2 Emissions Impact Analysis

The Solutions Project commissioned Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy to assess the climate benefits of three grantee partner campaign wins in New York.

How 100% Renewable Energy Became Popular and Codified in Law

100% for 100%: Climate Narrative & Movement Building

The Solutions Project x Climate Access: Determining bold, yet achievable, narratives that center frontline organizations in the fight for better climate policies and healthier communities.

Setting an Inclusive and Solidarity Vision

Transforming Narratives About Climate Migration

The Solutions Project x Unbound Philanthropy: Rebuilding Gulf Coast communities impacted by climate disasters through a Green New Deal for the Gulf South.