The Solutions Project and the 100% Campaign Privacy Statement

Updated June 2018

This privacy statement tells you how the Solutions Project Inc. and the 100% Campaign websites (collectively the “Websites”) collect and use your personal information. This statement will change when we change the Websites practices. Please check here periodically for the current information. The Solutions Project Inc. and the 100% Campaign are sometimes collectively referred to as “we” “us” or “ours.”

The Websites are intended for individuals over the age of 13.  If you are younger than 13 years old, please do not use the Websites.  Instead, ask your parent or guardian to use the Websites and obtain information contained here on your behalf.

Personal Information You Provide

When you send us an email, sign up to receive our updates, contact us through our Websites and/or complete surveys, you give The Solutions Project your Name, Email address and Postal zip code. When you join the 100% Campaign, you give the 100% Campaign and its third party provider, described below your Name, Email address and Postal zip code.

We use this information internally and may share it with relevant personnel and board members on a need to know basis.

Personal Information Indirectly Collected


Cookies are small text files sent on your browser from websites you visit.  Cookies are generally stored on your browser and help to keep your settings, log ins and other customizations when you return to the particular website in the future.  The Websites use functional cookies in order for the Websites to work and look as they do. The Websites do not implement tracking cookies to follow visitors across the internet.

The Websites use Google Analytics for reports and visitor website usage information obtained by Google and shared with website owners.  The Google Analytics service uses cookies and may share usage information with other Google services, including its advertising network.  Google Analytics information can be found here and here.

Please note that Google and Google Analytics are separate entities and neither the Solutions Project nor the 100% Campaign have any control over these entities, their policies, or practices.

Third Party Providers

The Websites use various third parties for services as described here.  These services are provided by separate independent companies and neither the Solutions Project nor the 100% Campaign control how these parties operate or use your personal information. Such service providers are committed to protect and secure your personal data. See their respective privacy policies linked below, which explain how your personal data, is collected, stored, and processed and your rights therein.

Action Network and Classy –

The Websites use tools and platforms from both the Action Network and Classy to obtain donor information, send emails and notices, and to administer invitations to events. We have access to your contact information obtained by the Action Network and Classy.  Please note that when you RSVP to an event, provide your information or create an account on the Action Network or Classy platforms, their respective privacy statements apply.  Please read how these sites may use your personal information – ActionNetwork and Classy.

Wepay –

Donations to the Solutions Project and to the 100% Campaign are processed by the Action Network’s and Classy’s payment processor Wepay.  When you enter your credit card information, contact and other information you do so directly on the Action Network’s or Classy’s gateway to the Wepay platform.  Neither the Solutions Project nor the 100% Campaign has access to your credit card information.   The Solutions Project and the 100% Campaign are not responsible for Wepay’s actions, policies or procedures. Please read Wepay’s privacy statement to understand how WePay may use your information and the measures it says it takes to secure your payment and other information.

Do Not Track

You may set your internet browser to send a “Do Not Track” signal to websites, ad networks and other providers about your browsing preferences. The Websites ignore the Do Not Track signal.

Sharing Your Personal Information

The information provided by visitors directly on the Websites is used for the purposes contained in this privacy statement. The Websites do not knowingly share the information obtained from you with third parties not directly involved in the fulfillment of our services. To the extent that the Solutions Project or the 100% Campaign are required by law to disclose information to law enforcement or other authorities, we will make that information available.

Social Media

The Websites provide links to their respective social media channels on the Websites.  These links are provided for your convenience. When you click on these links you will be taken directly to the social media platforms and will be leaving the Websites. When you do so, the terms, conditions and policies of the social media platforms apply and NOT those of the Solutions Project or the 100% Campaign, even though you will be viewing our respective content on those platforms.

No Guarantees

You understand that the security of electronic communications and storage cannot be guaranteed.  The Solutions Project and the 100% Campaign cannot and do not guarantee the information you provide on the Websites will be absolutely secure from cyber hacking, theft or other intrusions.


For information about our privacy statement, procedures or practices and your rights therein, please send an email to: