Women and people of color are most impacted by climate change.

Being closest to the problems, Black, Indigenous, immigrant and other frontline communities innovate climate solutions. They train workers for green jobs, practice regenerative farming, build affordable housing and community solar, and coordinate disaster response. Their solutions make our lives better and create a more sustainable and equitable society.

Yet, while they’re creating solutions, they frequently face roadblocks.

They often lack financial resources to take their work to the next level. Don’t have access to critical technical support and mentorship. They’re overlooked as subject matter experts in their fields. They don’t get quoted in the media, their progress isn’t shared, and their innovations are appropriated. Their voices aren’t heard. It’s frustrating to face these obstacles while leading innovative work that could make a widespread impact.

If only…

If only women of color-led grassroots groups had access to abundant funding and support to expand their work. If only they had the ability to boost their message through the media, to amass a larger audience for their stories of hope, power, and community change. If only they could leverage connections to a greater collective of donors, journalists, celebrities, influencers, and supporters. If only they had everything they needed to create the future they want and everyone deserves.

That’s where The Solutions Project shows up.

Photo of Angelou Ezeilo by Kaia Rose/Rachel’s Network


“We have been able to use [The Solutions Project staff] as a sounding board for real advice and strategy about how to leverage our work. Their role has been as an allied strategist.”

Nathaniel Smith, Partnership for Southern Equity

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Our Grantees: Inspiring Leaders

Our grant recipients are leaders out front of economic, political, and cultural shifts, organizing neighbors across race, class, gender, and geography, advocating for solutions to our most pressing problems made worse by climate change. They’re driving community development, supporting rural organizing, and helping secure the passage of landmark climate legislation. Get to know these inspiring leaders.

Our Grantees
Miami Climate Alliance

2021-2023 Impact Assessment Summary

In 2023, The Solutions Project embarked on a first of its kind impact research effort to understand what was achieved across the grassroots network of climate justice “solutionaries” we support. From 2021-2023, The Solutions Project provided $42 million in funding to climate justice groups, resulting in over 20 climate policy or campaign wins with significant carbon emissions reductions, benefits for over 100 million people, and $350 billion unlocked in public funding for climate solutions.

Impact Research