Our core values guide all of our actions.

They drive how we empower our grantee-partners; how we learn from climate justice movement leadership; and how we support and work with all of our stakeholders.

We're bold.

Inspired by our community, we’re risk-takers who believe that taking bold action is important to effect change. And it’s what our community of doers, changers, and rule-breakers count on (and expect). As a collective, we aim high, get creative, and are proactive in our approach to solving problems.

Image: Dakota Access Pipeline protestor.

Learn how protestors stood their ground.
Dakota Access Pipeline protestor

We're inclusive.

Our goal is clean energy and equitable access to healthy air, water, and soil for everyone, everywhere. We see a future filled with climate change solutions created by and led by solutionaries of every age, race, and gender.

Image: Khadijah Hussein, ONE100 Award recipient.

Learn how Khadijah led the way.
Khadijah Hussein, ONE100 Award recipient

We're resourceful.

By providing grants, media capacity, and leverage, we forge new paths to connect the dots and supply the resources our grantee-partners need. This support lets them focus on creating climate change solutions that work.

Image: Rev. Leo Woodbury (2nd from left) with South Carolinans advocating for clean energy.

Learn how grantee-partners deployed innovative technology solutions.
Rev. Leo Woodbury with South Carolinans advocating for clean energy.

We're equitable.

We focus on climate justice solutions that directly benefit the people most affected by climate change. That’s why we center equity-rooted strategies, community benefits, and diverse leadership. And that’s why we build authentic relationships with our grantee-partners.

Image: CEO Gloria Walton with Rahwa Ghirmatzion, Executive Director of grantee PUSH Buffalo, at a grantee convening.

Hear Gloria's vision for an equitable Just Transition.
CEO Gloria Walton with Rahwa Ghirmatzion, Executive Director of grantee PUSH Buffalo at a grantee convening.

We're joyful.

Joy brings everyone in. Research shows that celebration creates momentum, reinforces action, and motivates people to participate. The climate crisis is real — but we have what we need, because we have who we need to succeed.

Image: Group of people from grantee-partner Soulardarity celebrating solar powered lights they brought to their community.

Learn how Soulardarity brought light to the darkness.
Group of people from grantee-partner Soulidarity celebrating