We are The Solutions Project.

A national non-profit organization that funds and amplifies climate justice solutions created by frontline communities building power for an equitable and regenerative economy.

Disrupting Philanthropy

We practice Solidarity Philanthropy, centering equity and justice at the heart of our grantmaking. Since 2015, we’ve invested over $31M in grants to over 280 grantees – mostly led by women of color. We co-created three ecosystem funds, including the Justice 40 Accelerator and Fund for Frontline Power to strengthen frontline leadership and innovations.

About Our Grantmaking
Volunteers for Black Voters Matter hand out flyers

Shifting the Narrative

We provide training and support to grantees, including media literacy, storytelling, networking, and collaboration opportunities. We’ve invested nearly $7M in communications support to date and co-created Communicating Our Power to strengthen the narrative influence of frontline justice groups.

Grantee Growth & Support
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Scaling Solutions

We’re moving resources to grassroots climate justice organizations solving the climate crisis. Our grantee partners are creating solutions across energy, health, land, water, labor, housing, and food systems to build the foundation for a regenerative economy.

Inspiring Action
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