PUSH Buffalo Greenhouse

Leadership Fund Grantee PUSH Buffalo onsite at their greenhouse.



Core to the Solutions Project mission that unites science, business, culture and community to accelerate the transition towards 100% clean energy for all, we provide grants to community organizations making 100% happen. Organizations in the United States can apply for grants from the Leadership Fund and the Fighter Fund. Not-for-profit or charitable organizations based and registered as such in the Mexico (Civil Association) or Canada (Charitable Organization) can also apply for a grant.


Fighter Fund
The Fighter Fund is a rapid response grantmaking program seeding forward-thinking, place-based solutions and providing real-time support to pivotal frontline leaders accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Resources are designed to support movement moments through organizing and direct action; communications that build public will and cultural power; and coalition building. Ideal grantees are tax-exempt organizations governed by the communities in which they serve, mobilize marginalized communities, have the capacity to leverage resources for additional funders, and are experimenting with innovative tactics to activate constituencies in advancing 100% clean energy for 100% of the people. Grants range from $500 to a maximum of $15,000, with an average size of $7,800. Applications are received on a rolling basis and there are no deadlines for submission. You can submit an application here.


Leadership Fund
Leadership Fund seeks to invest in strategies that build power for communities on the frontlines of climate change, demonstrate the potential of community-based renewable energy solutions, and create pathways for the just transition to a clean energy economy. These grants are designed to be flexible, catalytic dollars to help organizations explore new horizons in their clean energy work. The Leadership Fund is by invitation only and available to U.S. based organizations.


Applicants should direct their inquiries to Rudi Navarra, Program Officer at The Solutions Project, via email at rudi@thesolutionsproject.orgApplication is only available in English but it accommodates submissions from Canada and Mexico.