Let’s Create
the Future We Want

Climate crisis is the epic challenge of our lives.

But we’re confident we can solve it. Clear eyed and connected, we see what’s possible when everyone shows up. Leaders. Doers. Rulebreakers. With passion for humanity and nature.

Getting to the future we want will take all of us. Everyone moving with purpose towards plural, plentiful, outside the status-quo … Solutions.

Collage of grantees

Community leaders solving climate problems need support.

That’s where we come in. Our grantmaking, media, and cultural support for grassroots organizations helps clear the way for them to create much more.

Our Impact
Three women participate in a mapping project

Climate Curious: Real Talk by Solutionaries Saving Our Planet

A new, live weekly web series that looks at the latest headlines affecting our communities and the planet. Our goal is to radically transform how people understand climate change and the role we all can play to solve it. Live on Tuesdays at 1PM Eastern @100isNOW on Facebook and YouTube.

About the Series
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We need your support to create the world we want.

We can’t create climate solutions for 100% of the people, without everyone on board. Your donation supports the people on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Where Black and brown and white people work together to make sure everyone has affordable housing, a good job, a healthy place to live. A future where people and the planet thrive. Every amount helps! Please make a contribution today.

Let's create the future we want.