The Human Impact of Climate Change

Farm workers have long borne witness to climate change. Ask a farm worker, especially someone who has toiled in the fields for decades, and they’ll tell you what climate change looks like. Major agricultural regions, from California to Georgia, are now experiencing extreme heat waves with record-high temperatures. With deep roots in the farm worker movement, the UFW Foundation was founded to advocate for policies that protect farm workers, with the goal of providing tools to enforce these policies and support to realize their own agency. The organization engages farm workers in systemic change and empowers them to advocate for more equitable policies. The UFW Foundation looks at the needs of farm workers holistically to determine policies that will protect them and ultimately improve their lives. That’s why their work sits at the intersection of workers’ rights, immigrant justice, racial justice, and climate justice. We hope that this case study provides a closer look at the work happening at the intersection of climate change and migration, and that this extraordinary organization inspires you to ask questions, learn more, and get involved with your philanthropy in helping to strengthen the organizations and collaborations across the migrant and climate justice movements.