Solutions Project is an intermediary—we are not a foundation. But grantmaking is a part of our integrated program to shift the culture and narrative of the clean energy movement so we are more inclusive, collaborative and celebratory on the path to 100% clean energy for 100% of people. We subscribe to what the Whitman Institute calls Trust Based Philanthropy in that we see this relationship as mutually supportive and radically collaborative. Grantee partners are the experts and innovators in organizing, models, vision and strategies for ground-up change. Our role is to move money, media and momentum behind their leadership. Together, we can power our lives with the wind, water and sun.

We invest in community-based organizations and leaders that are removing barriers (political, financial, cultural) to affordable clean energy for all. We focus on leaders who are most impacted by the failed energy policies and climate change in their communities and who are working through community organizing, local projects and state campaigns to make it better. We encourage equity-rooted strategies that work to ensure that community benefits, diverse leadership, and just transitions are central to the call for 100% clean, renewable energy.

The Solutions Project offers support via grants through the following funds:

Fighter Fund

The Fighter Fund is a rapid response grantmaking program providing real-time support to pivotal frontline leaders accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in the United States. Resources are designed to support place-based movement moments through organizing, direct action, advocacy, and lobbying activities; communications that build public will and cultural power; and coalition building. Ideal grantees are tax-exempt organizations, either (c)(3) or (c)(4), that are governed by the communities in which they serve, mobilize marginalized communities, have the capacity to leverage resources for additional funders, and are experimenting with innovative tactics to activate constituencies in advancing 100% clean energy for 100% of people. Eligible applicants typically work in the following interest areas:

  1. State policy campaigns supporting 100% clean energy for 100% of the people
  2. Fossil fuel infrastructure resistance
  3. Indigenous organizing and led movements
  4. Supporting transparent, cleaner, and democratically controlled rural electric cooperatives
  5. Community-owned clean energy demonstration projects in need of seed capital

Grants range from $500 to $25,000. At this time, the Fighter Fund is by invitation only.

Leadership Fund

The Leadership Fund invests in community-based organizations that build political and cultural power for communities on the frontlines of climate change; demonstrate the potential of community-based renewable energy solutions; and create pathways for the just transition to a clean energy economy. The Leadership Fund makes general operating support grants through two application rounds per year to organizations in New York, California, Iowa, and the American South (from Appalachia to the Gulf Coast). Ideal grantees are: tax-exempt organizations that are governed by the communities in which they serve; Black, Latino, Indigenous, API, Women, Intergenerational, and Queer led organizations with strong and emerging leadership; organizations with an annual budget under $1.5 million; and ready to scale their experimental work to tackle a new horizon in the movement for 100% clean energy for 100% of the people.

The Leadership Fund is by invitation only, but if you work in a target state and meet the ideal grantee profile, please show your interest here.

Ecosystem Fund

Ecosystem Fund invests in locally-rooted anchor organizations to expand their influence of state narratives and policies that support a national just transition to 100% clean renewable energy. Awards this round range from $30,000 – $60,000. Ecosystem Fund grants can be intended for 501(c)(4) organizations to support advocacy and lobbying activities or 501(c)(3) organizations for general operating support, or a combination thereof. Ecosystem Fund grants are a one-time opportunity with a duration of one year. These one-time resources are designed to catalyze the capacity, tools and network relationships needed for an equity-centered movement to thrive at the state and national levels. The ideal grantee profile for these funds is an anchor grassroots organization with an annual budget of more than $3 million and eligible for larger national funding opportunities. The Ecosystem Fund is by invitation only.


For general inquiries about our grantmaking, please contact Rudi Navarra, Director of Investments at Solutions Project, via email at

Though grant applications are only available in English, submissions in Spanish are accepted and our team is language-ready to respond to any inquiries.

Aunque las solicitudes solo están disponibles en inglés, las respuestas se aceptan en español y nuestro equipo está capacitado para responder a sus preguntas.