Grantmaking is an important part of our integrated programs to shift culture and narrative to achieve a just transition to 100% clean renewable energy. We subscribe to what the Whitman Institute calls Trust Based Philanthropy in that we see the grantee-grantmaker relationship as mutually supportive and radically collaborative. Grantee partners are the experts and innovators in organizing, models, vision and strategies for ground-up change.

What We Fund

We primarily invest in frontline women and leaders of color best positioned for impact—helping to amplify their stories and scale their clean energy solutions. The work we support helps remove political, financial, and cultural barriers to affordable clean energy for all. We prioritize equity-rooted strategies to ensure community benefits, diverse leadership, and a Just Transition.

Our grants typically support work in the following areas:

  1. Local and state policy work, from legislation to implementation, that supports a Just Transition to 100%
  2. Fossil fuel infrastructure resistance if coupled with a Just Transition framework
  3. Indigenous organizing and Indigenous-led movements advancing a Just Transition to 100%
  4. Supporting transparent, cleaner, and democratically controlled rural electric cooperatives
  5. Community-owned clean energy demonstration projects in need of seed capital

Successful applications must have a cultural power building component that leverages strong narrative and storytelling opportunities.

Support Beyond Grant Dollars

Our role is to move money, media and momentum behind frontline leadership to achieve a Just Transition to 100% that benefits everyone. We do so through our three programs—Invest (our grantmaking), Inspire (our communications and narrative work), and Connect (the platforms for influence we provide partners). To that end, all our grants will be coupled with commensurate support from our Inspire and Connect programs, such as media and storytelling training and tactical support for media opportunities. We are also starting communications collaboratives in target states to build cultural power through storytelling and narrative to effectively advance 100% clean energy and a Just Transition.

Where We Invest

Our investments and partnerships happen across the United States. Our current priority states for statewide work are California and Georgia, though we are currently considering others. We also have a number of select place-based investment areas across the U.S.—these include specific rural and urban areas in Florida, Iowa, New York, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and South Dakota. We are also investing in leadership development of women of color across the Gulf South region in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

Grant Opportunities


Rapid Response Grants

The Fighter Fund provides rapid response grants in real-time to support frontline leaders accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy in the United States. Resources are designed to support place-based movement moments through organizing, direct action, advocacy, and lobbying activities; communications that build public will and cultural power; and inclusive coalition building efforts.

Ideal grantees are tax-exempt organizations, either 501(c)(3) or (c)(4), that:

  • Are governed by the communities in which they serve
  • Mobilize marginalized communities
  • Have the capacity to leverage resources from additional funders
  • Are experimenting with innovative tactics to activate constituencies in advancing 100% clean energy for 100% of people.

Grants range between $500 to $15,000 (typically averaging at $5,000 per grant). We accept applications by movement referral, partner recommendation, and by an open rolling application. If interested in applying, please complete an application here.

In addition, our Philanthropic Trustees, the grantmaking advisory and decision making body at The Solutions Project, are each given a set amount of grant dollars to award every year at their discretion through the Fighter Fund. As leaders in the movement, they may individually assign rapid response dollars through the Fighter Fund as they see fit.

Capacity Building Grants

The Fighter Fund also provides capacity-building grants that support community-based organizations to build narrative and storytelling infrastructure for frontline communities, demonstrate the potential of community-led renewable energy solutions, and create pathways for a Just Transition to a clean energy economy.

The Fighter Fund makes general operating support grants through two application rounds per year, typically in the spring and fall. Ideal grantees are:

  • 501(c)(3) or (c)(4) tax-exempt organizations that are governed by the communities in which they serve
  • Black, Latino, Indigenous, API, Women, Intergenerational, and LGBTQ led organizations with strong and emerging leadership
  • Organizations with an annual budget under $1.5 million
  • Ready to scale experimental work in the Just Transition movement.

Currently, Fighter Fund capacity building grants are up to $50,000 per year (typically averaging at $25,000 per grant).

These grants are designed to be flexible dollars that catalyze new solutions and help organizations leverage their stories to take those solutions to scale. Typically, an investment from The Solutions Project lasts for three years. If the grant is awarded to a 501(c)(4) organization, funds cannot in any way be used to support electoral candidates.

Capacity building grants are by invitation only, but if you work in one of our target states and meet the ideal grantee profile, please show your interest here.


The Fighter League provides leadership development grants to support women of color in the United States working on climate justice and on a just transition to 100% clean renewable energy. Through our initial pilot program, awardees will receive participant-designed leadership development training and support with a focus on skills that will advance collaborative work in their region. Award recipients are also assigned a professional mentor to guide them through the year-long program.

Currently, Fighter League grants are $10,000 per year (with additional in-kind professional support and mentorship). Fighter League grants are by invitation only.

Our initial round of Fighter League grants is the first step in our effort to support a “Fighter League” of female leaders who are tackling climate change and elevating clean energy solutions. The program was designed and supported by the Movement Strategy Center, Anthony Giancatarino, and The Solutions Project.


For general inquiries about our grantmaking, please contact Rudi Navarra, Director of Investments at Solutions Project:

Though grant applications are only available in English, submissions in Spanish are accepted and our team is language-ready to respond to any inquiries.

Aunque las solicitudes solo están disponibles en inglés, las respuestas se aceptan en español y nuestro equipo está capacitado para responder a sus preguntas.