Our Commitment

How we turned an impossible idea into a global movement

The Solutions Project is committing 100% of our resources to elevate feminine leadership and frontline leaders of color who are working to make 100% clean energy a reality in their communities.


Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo
Cultural Leadership
Marco Krapels
Marco Krapels
Business Leadership
Mark Jacobson
Mark Jacobson
Scientific Leadership
It’s not enough to be against fracking and dirty fossil fuels, we also have to stand for something. I want to stand for clean, renewable energy for everyone.
After seeing the devastation of fracking in neighboring Pennsylvania with documentary filmmaker Josh Fox, actor Mark Ruffalo joined forces with local organizers to put a stop to fracking in his home state of New York.

On his crusade, Mark met Marco Krapels, a businessman with significant experience in finance and renewable energy. Marco was inspired by Mark’s idea to promote clean energy and knew from experience that he could make a compelling business case that clean energy was a sound investment.

Together, they recruited Mark Jacobson, a scientist and professor at Stanford University. They asked him, “is it possible for New York state to run on 100% renewable energy?” Less than 24 hours later, Jacobson delivered a 30-page report that proved it could be done.

The Solutions Project was born.

Mark Jacobson expanded his original report into a 50 state transition plan, providing the roadmap for what it would look like for each state in the US to transition to 100% clean energy, and the benefits of doing so.

Then, we went country by country, charting the benefits of the transition to 100% clean energy for 139 countries across the globe.

Our 50 state transition plan found…

If the entire US were to get its power from the wind water and sun, we would see:

Still, some thought it couldn’t be done.

We were laughed out of rooms, but we kept on, knowing we had science to back us up and a plan to make it happen.

We knew it was possible. We knew it was right. We doubled down on our mission.

We made it official. We formed a 501(c)3 and hired a team to put the idea into action. Led by Executive Director Sarah Shanley Hope, we got to work creating an inclusive plan to bring clean energy to everyone.

Sarah Shanley Hope
Sarah Shanley Hope
Executive Director
Rudi Navarra
Rudi Navarra
Program Officer
Stacey Heras
Stacey Heras
Operations Manager
Dannie Tillman
Dannie Tillman
Inspire Program Director
Jon Wank
Jon Wank
Creative Director
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100% NY Launch

Our Model

Business + Science + Culture + Community come together to Invest, Inspire, and Connect, making 100% clean energy for everyone a reality.

Interest in our mission grew, and more and more people got involved.

We let the world know that 100% clean energy is possible. And they heard us. People and communities around the world are taking action and building momentum.

Now, 100% clean energy is 
happening everywhere.

10 million views + 25,000 actions

People were hungry for our vision of a country powered by clean energy. The release of the 50 state transition plan garnered over 10 million views and generated over 25,000 actions.

22 States

From West Virginia to California to Ohio, The Solutions Project grantmaking dollars support efforts in 22 states across the US to accelerate the transition to clean energy for all.

Business is on our side

Over 88 businesses across the globe, like IKEA, Crayola, Apple, and Budweiser, have already committed to 100% and are powering their operations with clean energy.

Aloha to the wind, water & sun

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In 2015, Hawaii became the first US state to commit to going 100% with clean, renewable energy.

100% is personal

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Buffalo, New York’s transition to clean energy is being powered by Lorna, Paul, Khadijah, Aweso, and Josh. Watch the 100% campaign celebrate all the ways they give and live their 100%.

We’ve got the jobs!

In 2016, clean energy sector jobs grew faster than jobs in the oil and gas industry for the first time in history.

We roll 50 deep

Since our founding, we’ve grown our community of conspirators in leaps and bounds. The 100% NGO network now boasts over 50 organizations advancing 100% clean energy for 100% of people. Bridging equity and energy, members range from the Sierra Club, to the Center for Working Families, and UPROSE.

1 billion dollars

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The Solutions Project grantee Asian Pacific Environmental Network fought for and won 1 billion dollars for solar energy in low income housing across the state of California with its people-powered victory on AB 693.

Powering the Protectors

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Working with Native Renewables, we delivered solar charging stations to Standing Rock to keep the resistance powered up and remind us all that the solutions we need are already here.

Sunshine State Shine

A grant from our Fighter Fund helped clear the way to victory in Florida where a heroic on-the-ground organizing effort defeated a ballot initiative that would have made going solar near impossible.

Clean Energy + Human Energy

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2015 saw the launch of our 100% campaign in NYC. Bringing together business, science, culture, and community, the 100% campaign continues to celebrate the human stories that make this clean energy transition possible.

76 days

Costa Rica ran on 100% renewable energy for 76 straight days in July and August of 2016. Portugal did the same for four consecutive days, and Scotland is generating 106% of its electricity needs with wind power. 100% clean energy isn’t just possible. It’s already happening.

New York Goes Halfway

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Shepherded by a dynamic coalition of organizations from across the state, New York committed to generating 50% of its energy from renewable energy by 2030.

636% more popular

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After his big Oscar win and rousing speech, Leonardo DiCaprio gave a direct shout out to the 100% campaign on Twitter in a moment when his social influence was so epic that it increased the conversations about climate change online by 636%.

26 cities. 1 state. 12 countries. 100% Committed

The list of places committed to going 100% continues to grow.

Now it’s your turn.

 Join us in making 100% clean energy for all people a reality.