At the start of 2019, we pledged to invest 95 percent of our resources in innovative frontline leadership of color, with at least 80 percent going to organizations led by women. Greater leadership diversity leads to greater success, and when it comes to curbing climate change, success is the only option.

What We Fund

Examples include: community organizing, policy work, fossil fuel infrastructure resistance, Indigenous-led movements, innovative community development projects, and democratically controlled rural electric cooperatives.

How We Fund

Successful applicants must have a cultural power-building component that leverages strong narrative and storytelling opportunities. Most applications must also support a Just Transition.

Support Beyond Grants

Grantees also get support in the form of storytelling services to learn how to better build cultural power, and connections with influential people to help them get things done.

The Fighter Fund

The Fighter Fund gets the right dollars to the right organizations at the right time. Rapid response grants support urgent actions, and capacity building grants support community-based organizations modeling best practices in their efforts to build a regenerative economy. In 2019 we also tested new Fighter League grants to support Black and Indigenous women from the Gulf South to cultivate their own practices for collaborative leadership in a time of crisis.

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