At the start of 2019, The Solutions Project pledged to invest 95 percent of our resources in innovative frontline leadership of color, with at least 80 percent going to organizations led by women. Greater leadership diversity leads to greater success, and when it comes to curbing climate change, success is the only option.

What We Fund

Examples include: community organizing, policy work, fossil fuel infrastructure resistance, Indigenous-led movements, innovative community development projects, and democratically controlled rural electric cooperatives.

How We Fund

Successful applicants must have a cultural power-building component that leverages strong narrative and storytelling opportunities. Most applications must also support a Just Transition.

Support Beyond Grants

Grantees also get support in the form of storytelling services to learn how to better build cultural power, and connections with influential people to help them get things done.

The Fighter Fund

This year, The Solutions Project responded to the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19, police brutality, economic depression, pollution, and climate change on our current grantees who are rooted in communities of color and working class communities, at the frontlines of all these compounding crises. With the new and bold commitment by the Bezos Earth Fund in November 2020, we are preparing to relaunch our open-call for grant applications at the top of the new year. If you are a leader or otherwise support an organization that meets our criteria for funding, please sign up for our email list and join us on social media to be the first to know when we are receiving new applications for funding!

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