We believe in a world created by all of us, for all of us.

We envision a world that is driven by purpose. One that combines and amplifies radical ideas and hard work from those whose voices typically might go unheard. A world where equity — for women, Black people, Indigenous communities, people of color; everyone — is a priority.

We believe 100% of people deserve to be healthy and thriving.

Everyone deserves 100% fresh air, safe water, and rich soil. Grassroots leadership brings social good and racial equity to the climate equation. A stable climate nurtures dynamic, vibrant communities. We’re proud to support the climate change rockstars doing the heavy lifting to take us there.

We believe cultural forces can activate and amplify our work.

We use our culture platform to connect the leaders, the innovators, and the solutionaires to a greater collective. We leverage celebrity voices to amplify the voices of the rest of us, creating cultural momentum to empower our work.


You may have noticed there's something a little different about us ...

Our vision has both grown and become more clear. Because of that we’ve made some changes to how we work, what we do, and who we are. That’s reflected in our new brand identity as well.

Our New Look
The Solutions Project logo

We're powered by passionate people

Meet our team of experienced, dedicated professionals pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and building equity for all.

Our Team
The Solutions Project philanthropic trustees

Our work is made possible by visionary organizations

We thank the individuals and the organizations that provide next-level funding to help us deliver expert, powerful support.

Our Funders
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