March 19, 2024

Last month marked our fourth annual Black Climate Week! This award-winning campaign revolves around the potent force of philanthropy in shaping the future we want. We stand in solidarity with Black communities at the forefront of driving a just transition towards an equitable and regenerative economy. By resourcing Black-led climate solutions, we’re not just talking the talk; we’re walking the walk.

Huge shoutouts to our incredible partners who made this year’s event a rousing success, including (but not limited to!):

  • Black Girl Environmentalist, who hosted an in-person bash at The Climate Museum in New York City to create an intergenerational space for Black women in the climate community to connect, convene, and celebrate.
  • Rep Justin J. Pearson, who graced us with a special message, adding his voice to the chorus of change.
  • JCDeceaux for amplifying The Solutions Project with bus stop shelter posters in Chicago and NYC (if you see one take a pic and send it to us!)
  • Rise St James for recognizing Black Climate Week in their annual Black American History Month celebration

We also hosted a virtual panel discussion titled “Advancing Black-led Climate Justice Solutions.” Picture this: passionate advocates, pivotal perspectives, and one urgent mission—to tackle the climate crisis with equity and justice at the forefront.

The panel hit home hard, spotlighting the harsh reality that the climate crisis disproportionately affects Black communities. From environmental woes to economic disparities, the discussion laid bare the complex challenges they face and the power they are building within their communities

Here’s the kicker: Despite being the least responsible for carbon emissions, Black communities bear the brunt of environmental degradation. But guess what? They’re also the ones pioneering the solutions! It’s high time philanthropy stepped up, broke down those historical barriers, and moved forward with trust, transparency, accountability, and solidarity.

climate justice poster

Black Climate Week was also a platform to shine a spotlight on the triumphs of Black-led organizations across the nation. From grassroots movements to epic collaborations, we showcased real-life examples of solidarity in action, making waves in communities far and wide.

As we reflect on the insights shared during Black Climate Week 2024, let’s commit to fostering impactful partnerships, amplifying marginalized voices, and advancing equitable solutions to address the root causes of climate change. Together, we can build a sustainable and equitable future for all.