April 19, 2022

Let’s create the future … together.

Each year, you are asked what you will do for Earth Day.

What changes will you make? How will you end the climate crisis? 

Here’s the thing: You can’t do it alone! We can’t do it alone!

To make progress on halting the worst of the climate crisis, we have to look beyond thinking about our individual behaviors and instead strengthen our communities and act together. No more “survival of the fittest.” That way of thinking has gotten us nowhere.

To effect change, we must look to each other, support each other, and fight for each other. 

  • Ask yourself, do you know your neighbors? If a disaster was to occur, would you come together?
  • Are you working to move your town/city/state towards climate justice?
  • Are you actively learning and embracing that your survival is connected with others?

Consider the early stages of the pandemic; which of your neighbors needed the most help. If the pandemic has taught us nothing, it taught us that we could not do this alone. Many of us had to come together in solidarity to meet even our most basic needs.

This Earth Day, the best thing you can do is strengthen your community.

Do something for your neighbors. Join a local group in your area working to improve community health, food, energy, and water access for all. Stand in solidarity with others working for a healthy, just future. 

Instead of practicing Earth Day just this one day, remember that #EarthDayisNow, every day!

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Illustration of people taking action about the climate crisis: connecting with media, riding a bike, protesting, in community gardens