April 9, 2024

Last month, The Solutions Project teamed up with Co-Founder Mark Ruffalo and Ecosia to inspire individuals to integrate climate action into their daily lives. This partnership led to $60,000 being raised for The Solutions Project which will support climate justice projects across the U.S. such as building affordable housing units, installing community solar, and providing community access to clean energy while facilitating a transition from fossil fuels to a more sustainable future.

Ecosia stands as the world’s largest not-for-profit search engine, committing 100% of its profits to the planet. To date, Ecosia has partnered with local communities in over 35 countries, planting more than 204 million trees, including partnering with the Natural Areas Conservancy to support their work with a community in Seton Falls Park, working with City Plants in Los Angeles to plant in historically redlined neighborhoods and support tree ambassador programs, supporting a green workforce training program with Openlands in Chicago, and joining forces with Bronx is Blooming to support urban tree equity and environmental justice in New York City.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Solutions Project and Mark Ruffalo to kick off this important year for climate action,” said Sophie Dembinski, Head of Policy & Climate Action at Ecosia. “Frontline communities are being hardest hit by the joint climate and nature crisis. We’re honored to contribute to The Solutions Project’s efforts to empower and amplify community-led solutions and to build on Ecosia’s climate justice work and impact in the US.”

“When we work together, we can go further and find solutions at the scale needed to tackle the climate crisis,” said Gloria Walton, President & CEO of The Solutions Project. “Partnering with Ecosia highlights the impact of individual actions, demonstrating how everyday tasks such as using search engines contribute to a growing movement for social change. We all have a role to play in creating a sustainable world. Our grantee partners show us this everyday, from practicing regenerative agriculture to innovative solutions for clean water. Let’s show up for each other and create the future we all want and deserve.”

“I truly believe solutions to the climate crisis are already within our reach,” said Mark Ruffalo, Co-founder of The Solutions Project. “We are investing in the ideas of everyday heroes from frontline communities who are already implementing some of the most effective climate solutions out there. By funding their ideas and amplifying their voices, we can create a healthier and more equitable society. This partnership with Ecosia is a really exciting chance to reach new people and raise awareness of the importance of grassroots climate action. Using Ecosia is an easy and free way to be climate active every day, and the profits raised for The Solutions Project will allow us to support more community based solutions.”

Together, The Solutions Project and Ecosia are championing grassroots climate justice initiatives in the US and Puerto Rico, including supporting:

  • Blacks in Green who are tackling pollution and poverty
  • Grow Greater Englewood, working with local communities to develop food economies and land sovereignty, both in Chicago
  • HBCU Green Fund and Partnership for Southern Equity in Atlanta, who are creating green spaces and promote sustainability in historically Black colleges and universities and the region more broadly
  • Good Life Garden, an abandoned lot in Brooklyn that was transformed into a community garden, providing fresh produce to local residents

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